My loving Sister Cheryl Lynn Tweedie
Born May 22 1946 to January 4th 2016
Audio by : Dulce Pontes - Lagrima

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Cheryl Lynn Tweedie,
Thank you for watching over me as a young child always pushing me out of harms way and the gobs of trouble I found my self in every day. I felt safe knowing that you were close by and that you would save me from slipping further down that rabbit hole I found every day in my young life. I can remember the first day you met your husband Roger,  the post man - you were filled with joy and passion that changed your life forever in our family.  Cheryl became Cinderella of Cumberland road during her secret romance with the postman and from that day forward never removing her glass slippers and her magic wand from her pocket. 
Cheryl was such a loving and giving person, giving her heart and soul to everyone that crossed her path in her life. They all came away blessed because Cheryl touched their life in someway with a shilling or a smile - friends were made forever.  As years went by we all got a little older and I was separated from my family for such a long time but never cut the umbilical cord from my big sister Cheryl. Cheryl spoke only the truth and kind words about life and the people in it, loving everyone along the way. I was so proud of her dealing with all the difficult challenges in life - I was blessed to be her Brother that stood along side her from a distance.
Cheryl not only raised her own family in a good way, she also raised and nurtured the unfortunate people that came into her life. She never complained ; never turned away people in need.  Cheryl only wanted good things and peace for everyone, too feel joy and happiness every day and to live our lives in a good way - God sent an angel to earth in 1946 and it turned out to be my sister Cheryl.  How do I know this?  When we hugged or just hold hands a warm blue light emerges and hovers above us fusing our love and friendship we share forever.

Cheryl was never afraid, gave everyone hope and understanding, the very structure and foundation her family was based and built on. Sheridan, Darren, Luke, Brook your mother was the best of the best - Cheryl devoted her life to the children and grandchildren she loved and cared for every minute of her day. living with you and for you every day of her life.

Cheryl, I remember so much of our childhood but never really got around to thank you for all the joy and happiness you gave me. I was so happy we had our special time together the last time I was in town and now you are gone, so quickly you were taken from us all - 

Love you much
Your loving brother Paul